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Following professional LIS Listservs

Listservs serve as very popular and informative emails for a diverse group of people, especially for professionals and students in a given field. They provide updates about various events, seminars, job postings and more. From an LIS student perspective, they can be very important for finding out about internships, scholarships, and jobs in the field of library science. I subscribed to the LIS listserv as soon as I began taking classes at Wayne State, and even though the emails may tend to flood my inbox, each email is full of great information that is beneficial to my future career.

Another listserv that I recently encountered is through  ACQWEB, the sister publication of ACQNET, and the gathering place for librarians and other professionals interested in acquisitions and collection development (ACQWEB). Their listserv contains job postings for various librarian jobs pertaining to collection management, webinar information, conferences being held, meeting reminders, web courses and more. The emails are often sent by LIS staff around the country.

A majority of the postings are composed of job announcements and web courses for librarians. One of the job postings listed recently was for a collection management librarian in Maryland, and some of the qualifications included being an MLIS graduate with five years of librarian experience, project management experience, and skilled in web-based acquisitions tools. Since this listserv deals primary with acquisition related information, it is obvious that most of the job postings require some degree of experience with acquisitions. What I did find interesting about the job posting is that one of the desired qualifications was to have a broad reading background. Although it would seem that having a love for reading would be a given for a person who wants to work in a library, its rare that I see that qualification listed on job postings. I’m curious to know how the interviewer would test the candidate’s broad interest in reading, or if there are a list of books they would recommend that the candidate have already read.

Another example of emails from the listserv was for for web courses on collection development, preservation and cataloging. The web course on the fundamentals of preservation was designed to inform all staff, across divisions and departments and at all levels of responsibility as well as provides tools to begin extending the useful life of library collections (ACQflash: ALCTS Web Course). This course would be helpful for many LIS staff who may not be as skilled in the area of preservation and who wanted to learn more about the field.

One item I noticed that was not posted a lot was information for students. There was one e-forum event listed for students completing internships, but a majority of the postings were mainly geared toward LIS professionals. This is a listserv that I will start following more heavily once I am nearing graduation from Wayne State. While there isn’t a ton of information that would be useful for me now as a student, there is definitely a lot of great information that I could absorb once I’m close to joining the LIS workforce.


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